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Travel Wish List: Italian Get Away

July 30, 2013


Since all I do lately is think about moving, it’s no wonder I have started to let my mind wander to more enjoyable past times like traveling. The last real vacation I took was to Mexico, and lately I feel like everyone I know is going, or has gone to Italy!  I am almost half Italian so Italy is one of the top places on my travel wish list. Obviously I want to visit the cities, but I love coastal and beachy towns as well. If I was planning a trip  I think it would go like this….


italy 2

My trip would start in Portofino in the North, followed by Manarola and Riomaggiore. Next I would head South to Rome for a few days and then on to Positano, literally the edge of the Sea. And then further South to Furore on the Amalfi Coast. Of course there will be future trips to Italy where I hit up Florence, Lake Como and Milan!  And, no travel day-dream is complete without thinking about what I would wear on my journey. Where would you go if money, time, (life!) was no object??


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