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By the Fire

October 5, 2014


I have lived in many apartments over the years and almost all of them have had a mantle, and one (my favorite one!) had a working fireplace, which while a lot of work was basically the best thing ever. The challenge to me though in all these places was always decorating the mantle. While they no doubt add a certain level of character and charm, they can also hard to decorate. I find they can easily become cluttered and asymmetrical or look kitschy.

Anyway, I thought I would share some nicely styled mantel’s in case you are looking for some inspiration.


I love the look of leaning frames neutral frames and the sconces and vases on either side anchor this one nicely. Same with the mantel below. I also LOVE the wicker baskets by the hearth. I often see similar at Home Goods, also would be perfect for holding blankets.



This one has a lot of gorgeous ornate detailing, and once again, the mounted sconces give it some symmetry. The other detail is the way the layering details have the same shade of blue which helps tie it all together.


This one is so streamlined and simple, but the matching baskets for the plants and statement mirror make it pack a lot of punch. The apples are a great seasonal twist.



Images 1/2/3/4/5



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