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Thoughts about Summer

August 15, 2014


I have been very fortunate this summer to spend most of it working from Cape Cod. Big plus in the WFH corner, for sure! I have had more than my fair share of fresh air, lots of fresh seafood, a garden to enjoy and lots of exercise. It got me thinking about how it really is the little things that can create the most happiness. It’s important to take advantage of this special and (way too short!) time of year- and maybe find ways to recreate it the rest of the year.

Breaking from reality (technology): Don’t get me wrong, I love to Insta with the best of them, but this summer there are many times when I have not been in the position to check my phone or post and there is something really freeing about that. I recently deleted all my games off of my phone. I want to be more comfortable being still and not always having a built-in distraction. But its more than that, I rarely wear makeup, and am most comfy in cutoffs and sandals than heels and a dress.

(Old fashioned) traditions: Family time making s’mores by the fire, late night/early morning runs to beach watching the sun or moon rise, cannonballs off a raft in the middle of a kettle pond, songs from the 60s while we cook and eat. I am lucky to have parents who taught us to enjoy these types of activities and still do them with us and my nephews. They are the moments that don’t need a camera because you remember them so vividly and pictures don’t really do it justice anyway.

Songs of summer: In high-school my friends and I would joke that certain albums that we had on constant repeat where the soundtracks of our lives….so true. There are definitely some songs that will  bring me back to this summer. I made a special playlist to remind me when it’s 40 below in Boston in a few months! Some of the highlights of my soundtrack include:

Hope you are enjoying the little things this summer!

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