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Tiny Spaces, Little People

May 29, 2014


I saw the photo above on Pinterest a few weeks ago and loved the use of  a door, some  canvas bags and inexpensive hooks to create more storage in a kids room. (I also LOVED the gorgeous wallpaper offset by the lucite shelving, but that’s a whole other Post!) Here in Boston, large spaces are pretty much non- existent so you have to be creative to make it work. When space is an issues, it’s usually the kiddies that get stuck in the smallest spaces, because well they’re smaller! Here are some cute small spaces and options for doing more with less.

Kids rooms

Basket-like shelving for books instead of bookshelves are a great option if space is short. I loved this mini bunk bed, makes it fun for a kid and provides lots of storage below. The built-ins on the bottom right  and below provide extra storage, a daybed is a great option for a small space and adding a headboard or some pretty curtains and sconces really takes these space to the next level.

Trevor Tondro photography 4

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