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Summer Dinner Menu

August 2, 2013


During the summer when I visit Cape Cod we often cook at home on weekends instead of braving the crowds and going out to dinner. We save those outings for during the week when the crowds are a little lighter. One of my favorite things to do is plan a menu with Mom for those evenings at the house. They almost always start with chips and quac and there is always cold beer and wine served with dinner. My Dad is a master on the grill, so we always include grilled eats and we eat outside.

Recently I made some recipes first seen on Cardigans and Couture and both were amazing and perfect for an outdoor dinner. The  apple turrkey burger with brie and carmelized onions was amazing (I skipped the brie!) and the peach salad with tomatoes, feta and basil is definitely going to be a regular for me.  I also eat as much corn-on-the-cob as I can in the summer months. I use Mom’s method: put the cobs in water, bring to a boil, cover for 3 minutes and then remove from the heat and then steam the corn for another 8-10 minutes. Season with butter, salt and pepper.

Happy dining!


Images: Courcy Inspired Designed and here.

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