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Mid-year Point

July 19, 2013
Image Credit: Courcy Inspired Design

Image Credit: Courcy Inspired Design

It’s hard to believe but we are halfway through 2013 as of this month. How can this be possible?? Time seriously flies, especially as we get older, but that’s a whole other post, now isn’t it! Anyway, I thought it would be a good time to check in on my resolutions. Reflections to date below.

Create. On this one I slipped a little at the beginning of the year when I took a blog break, but I feel like I have been back on track recently and I have a new outlook on how to make this blog something that I enjoy. I am using more of my own content and not putting pressure on myself for this website to function like a professional business. I don’t need thousands of followers, there are enough of those types of blogs out there. This is blog is a place for me to be creative and I hope a blog that people can enjoy and be inspired by from time to time.

Initiate Change. I am moving to Boston, which will likely be the biggest thing I do this year. I am not buying a home, it’s not the time and unfortunately my new apartment won’t allow a pet, but I am excited about making a change. I have always thought about going back and it feels good to be taking the chance. Who knows, maybe I will miss DC to much or I will find my dream job in another city, but for now I am headed north for a while.

Simplify. Always hard, especially for someone who likes “stuff” as much as I do! But simplify means a lot more than just things, there are many ways to simplify. For me I think it’s spending more quality time with those I love and not worrying so much about having a ton of acquaintances, not getting stressed about insignificant things (like a bad day at work) and just enjoying being in the moment more. That’s what I am going to focus on for the remainder of the year.

What about you? Are you maintaining your New Year’s resolutions?

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