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Black Coffee in Bed

June 27, 2013
Image Credit: Courcy Inspired Design

Image Credit: Courcy Inspired Design

I love making breakfast on the weekends. I often get up and immediately start thinking about what I have on hand to whip up something tasty. I have a sweet tooth and tend want something sweeter. Two of my favorite “go-to’s” are baked donuts and pancakes. Mostly because I almost always have what I need on hand and also because they are relatively easy to whip up.

These French Breakfast Donuts have been my favorite for a while. I am also a big fan of this Baked Pumpkin Spice Donut Hole recipe, but I don’t always have pumpkin on hand.

Moving on to the pancakes…I make pancakes a lot. Sometimes I even make them for dinner during the week when I am feeling lazy, have had a long day and want some comfort food.  I am  a big fan of loading my pancakes with whatever I have on hand: fruit, chocolate chips, shredded coconut, nuts, flax and chia seeds- really whatever.  I think it makes them heartier and feels more like a meal.

I always serve mine with 100% pure maple syrup. I am an admitted syrup snob, having grown up in New England where we would travel to north to pick up the real stuff annually or family from Canada would bring it down to us. It is so much richer than the store-bought stuff, and personally I think you use less of it because so little of it provides so much flavor. To each their own, I know there are a lot of Aunt Jemima fans out there!  Two of my preferred “recipes” below.

What is your favorite go-to weekend breakfast?


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