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Coffee Table Books

February 14, 2013

You know by now I am a big fan of books, but I am also a big fan of coffee table books. I tend to favor design books and have a bunch, but coffee table books, in my view are there to interest guests while entertaining in your home and not everyone may like design as much as I do! My Mom bought me a beautiful coffee table book, India: In Word and Image by Eric Meola, and its the perfect book for me as I can read it and remember my time there, but also serves as a great conversation piece for guests. Here are some other books I would love to add to my collection:


Life 70 Years of Extraordinary Photography: I think this book’s title speaks for itself. A wonderful photographic history of some of the most memorable moments of centuries past./Dogs by Tim Flatch: I saw this book in a boutique in Cape Cod last summer and it’s amazing! Flatch uses a really unique shooting style that lends itself to gorgeous photographs. P.S. If you are a horse lover his book Equus is supposed to be equally as beautiful./ The Rolling Stones: 50: This book looks back at half a century of the Stone’s lives with over 1,o00 photographs and other memorabilia./Coming Into Fashion: Conde Nast is one of the most successful magazine publishers out there, meaning they also have lots of gorgeous photographs sought after by museums around the world. This book features the best of the bunch.

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