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Under Ice

February 8, 2013

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Baby it’s cold outside.  I know my New England based readers have really been feeling it and are bracing for a big storm, but its been pretty cold down here too since I got back! Obviously transitioning back to colder temps has me changing up my routine as well.  Below are the beauty products I have been relying for the last few weeks.  What kind of beauty products do you use to get through the winter months? P.S. If you are trying to be better about your spending in the new year (like me!) check out this great post about some drug store buys that are as good or better than the high end versions. Have a great weekend!

Winter Essentials

Before Bed: Fresh’s Lip Polish is AMAZING! I received some as a gift last year and its become a total go-to in Winter since. I tend to get very chapped lips, so a little lip polish and some Aquafor on my lips before bed helps keep them hydrated./ Cutical Oil is another must have, my hands and nails get really dry so this gives some extra protection./ I like a nice thick moisturizer for my face at night and have been using the Cetaphil cream for years./ In the Shower: Aveeno’s skin relief body wash is great during Winter, and for me its been doubling as a shaving cream lately and working really well./ Post Shower: Nivea Extended Moisture is awesome, my skin feels soft and moisturized all day after using this. It has a bit of a fragrance that I don’t love but I don’t even notice it after the initial application./ Every Other Day: I have touted my love of Moroccan Oil many times before, its has completely changed my hair.  I use it every time I wash my hair and between washes I also massage some oil into my scalp which tends to be on the dry side./ All Day Long: Nothing beats this L’Occitane Hand Cream and I use it throughout the day and definitely after coming in from the cold.

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