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What to Wear: Winter Travel

January 22, 2013


When I left for India almost five months ago it was summer in DC and Bombay has summer temps all year-long so it was easy to travel between the similar climates. But last week, as I prepared to come back I realized that I don’t have a whole lot to keep me warm when I got back to DC.

I ventured out in my neighborhood to check out some of the Western stores like Mango and Bennetton and was able to score a sweatshirt material biker jacket that seemed the perfect layering piece.  I also packed my Barbour jacket in my carry on so I could layer up when I got home. A striped long-sleeve t, scarf, loafers and roomy tote completed the look and helped me be comfortable on the plane. And of course my trusty iPad to pass time on the 16 hour flight!  I will likely recreate this look when I head to Mexico with my family in a couple of weeks. What is your go-to travel look?

Winter Travel Wear

Knit Jacket/ Barbour Jacket/ Striped Tee/ Jeans/ Loafers/ Tote Bag/ Scarf

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