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Snapshots: Life in India

January 18, 2013


It’s my last full day here in India.  It’s so crazy to think that I am actually going home tomorrow and while I couldn’t be more excited, I had mixed feelings while pouring pics from the last few months while deisgning this post.  India is a truely amazing place, that words and pictures can’t really describe.  Trust me when I say you have to see it to believe it.  It is beautiful and repugnant, heartbreaking and joyous, boisterous and subdued all at the same time.

I find myself being afraid I won’t remember the sounds, like what an auto rickshaw or the bus horns sound like or overhearing conversations in Hindi that I can’t understand.  Living here has been a life altering experience that I will never forget. Incredible India, indeed.  Below is a look back on the last few months. Have a great weekend!


ONE: Street side flower shop in Bandra./ TWO: A Mahatma Gandhi Memorial in Gujarat./ THREE: Colorful saris are everywhere you go./ FOUR: The view from the train heading down the south-west coast./ FIVE: Candi’s a cool cafe  with amazing outdoor seating near my apartment in Bandra./ SIX: Spicy popcorn for a Hindi movie./ SEVEN: Taxis in Bombay./ EIGHT: Dusk at the beach in Pondicherry./ NINE: A gorgeous temple in Kanyakumari./ TEN: Cute, sweet Indian children./ ELEVEN: St. Francis Church, Kochi./ TWELVE: The foothills of Lonavla.

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