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Christmas Morning Eat and Wear

December 19, 2012

70016969176444426_oss896JsImage via Pinterest

One of my favorite Christmas morning traditions is to make breakfast for my family.  We typically go to midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, then sleep late (my Dad has been known to stand at the bottom of the stairs and threaten that “Santa” is going to take the gifts back if my sister and I don’t get up!) followed by a late breakfast before heading to my Aunt’s house.

This year my sister Katie and her boyfriend Chris will take on breakfast duty in my absence.  My favorite thing to make is Baked French Toast, Martha’s recipe, prepped the night before so the Challah bread has time to really soak in all the yummy ingredients before being baked to a crisp in the morning.  Traditionally I make the raspberry sauce the recipe calls for, but really there are all kinds of things you can serve them with, like nutella sauce, or maybe a sweeter cranberry sauce.  Last year, I branched out and made cinnamon rolls, also a yummy and decadent Christmas treat.  My Dad always gives my Mom some fresh flavored coffees which we all enjoy throughout the morning as well.  What are your favorite traditions?

picstitchImage Credits 1/2/3

On to the clothes. Who wants to have Christmas morning pics in a ratty bathrobe documented all over the Internet anyway, right? Here is how I would try to be chic (and keep warm!) this Christmas.

Christmas Morning Style
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