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Get the Look: Grown Up Kids Room

December 11, 2012


More and more I see kids rooms decorated in a way that defies the old style of nurseries and kid’s rooms outfitted in cartoon bed linens and Barbie wallpaper. I loved the room above because it hit the right note between being fun enough for a kid, but also could easily transition into a guest room if needed, as well as grow with the child.  How do you like to decorate your kid’s rooms?

Kids room


ONE: I love the idea of using world maps to decorate a kids room. Get them into wanderlust early on, I say! A map makes great wall decor (this one is from Crate and Barrel) and I also saw several DIY projects using maps to decorate dressers and chests, like this one./TWO: Cute side tables are always a bedroom necessity. /THREE: Custom shades in a neutral fabrics, as well as good throw pillows./ FOUR: A daybed like this one from IKEA is a great place to curl up and read books, but can also function as a big kid bed too. I liked the added storage drawers as well.

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