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Weekend Project: Get Organized to Wrap

December 7, 2012


With the holidays in full swing there probably isn’t a lot of time for weekend projects, but this one will hopefully help with your sanity for the next few weeks. I love to wrap gifts, but I often find myself in the middle of a big pile of ribbon, wrapping paper, tape, and name tags, while constantly misplacing my scissors and pens!  This weekend maybe take a few minutes to set up a gift wrapping station which will hopefully save you some time this holiday season. Here’s what you need.

Wrapping Oraganization

ONE: Inexpensive frames are easy to find (you may even have some lying around) that can easily help create a set up like the picture above. Use this Crafty Teacher Lady tutorial to help./ TWO: I saw lots of pictures of paper towel holders to hold ribbon and make it easy to roll off. Genius!/ THREE: Metal lantern hooks can be hung from the dowels and also hold tape and bags of stick on ribbons./ FOUR: Wooden dowels can be found at Home Depot and easily attached to the frames to hold multiple rolls of wrapping paper. /FIVE: Magnetic metal strips like these from Crate and Barrel, are great for keeping your scissors and pens where you need them, instead of under all the paper.

Images via Crafty Teacher Lady and Heart Handmade

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