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Suicide Blonde

November 16, 2012

Images and tutorials Sock Bun/Side Pony/2 Minute Tuck/Pony

Hair is an ongoing challenge for me in Bombay because of the heat, humidity, pollution and hard water, (It’s like an extreme sport to keep your hair healthy!) but I know no matter where you live we all have the occasional bad hair day to contend with.  The images above are some of my most recent “pins” and the top left is my go-to “The Sock Bun.”  I have been using Moroccan Oil for a while, which is a wonderful product for all hair types.  I also rely heavily on a good anti-frizz like Frizz-Ease and I love a creamy conditioner.  On the days I can get away with not washing my hair I tend use a little dry shampoo, or even just plain old powder.  And when all else fails, grab a hat and call it a day!

Have a great weekend!

Hair Essentials
Moroccan Oil/ Frizz-Ease/Pins, Bobbies/Clips/Headband/Beaded Headband (similar)
Bb Creme/Dry Shampoo/Hat (similar)
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