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The Ballad of Klimpaloon

November 8, 2012

It’s hard to believe a week ago I was just getting to Shimla for my first look at the Himalayas.  It was truly an amazing place to visit and pictures just do not do it justice.  It’s my favorite spot in India so far.  Cooler temps, a slow pace and nice people made it a great place to spend the weekend.  I met a lovely shopkeeper and bought some gorgeous wool shawls, after which she insisted I stay for tea with two British women also visiting the store, it was so much fun, I love that about India.

I met my Bombay driver Jagjeet’s brother Malik who met me at the airport and safely got me the three plus hour (and harrowing!) trip up the mountain and had an amazing therapeutic  massage from a sweet woman named Dawa who is from Tibet. I hope, hope, hope I can someday return to the Himalayas, and the amazing Wildflower Hall where I stayed for part of the weekend.

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