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Weekend Project: Pretty Up Your Bookshelf

October 26, 2012

I love proudly displaying my books at home and when a bookshelf is styled like the one above from The Lovely Cupboard, it adds  to the overall aethetic of a room. Below is how you can pull it together. Hopefully you already have some decor items that can be added to the shelves, but if not I am betting a quick trip to Home Goods or Target and you’ll get what you need for bargain. Have a great weekend!

Pretty Bookshelf

ONE: Obvi, you need the books. TWO: Sometimes if  there are books you might not, ahem, proudly display or maybe there is a book with an unappealing cover, you can cover them using simple wrapping paper. Another trick is to turn the books so the binding is on the inside and the book pages show. This paper is from Paper Source and Etsy. THREE: A cool looking lacquered or wood box is a great way to style your bookshelf.  I love this monogrammed one from C. Wonder. FOUR: Other accessories like figurines and framed photos are perfect for topping stacked books, these are from the Nate Berkus for Target shop. FIVE: Complete the look with conversation starter bookends, I loved these from cb2.

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