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Weekend Project: Tray Vignette

October 12, 2012

I think I am going to try a new series based on very small projects you can do around the house on weekends, ideally using decor items you already have.  For the first weekend project, lets create a pretty vignette somewhere in your home using a tray (I love the mirrored look, but any tray will do!) to tie together some items on a console table, bureau, desk or a bookshelf.  Here is what you need:

Tray Vignette

ONE: Obviously you need the tray, I like mirrored but all types will do/ TWO: This Modcloth ringholder is a great accessory for a dresser, but any small glass nick nack will do/ THREE: A  bud vase is a perfect compliment to some of the other accesories and a taller object gives some dimension to the look/ FOUR: A small bowl is perfect for holding jewelry or matches, this one from Bloomingdales comes in a bunch of pretty colors/FIVE: Finish the look off with a pretty votive and voila!

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