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Fried Green Tomatoes

August 8, 2012

I was definitely in the mood to cook this weekend after being away.  I went to the farmers market in my neighborhood first thing Saturday morning, after hitting the coffee shop to get an iced coffee and almond croissant.  I picked up some yummy homemade chèvre (goat cheese), grape tomatoes, green tomatoes, kale, blackberries, corn on the cob, sweet Italian sausage, and a baguette, among other things.

Some of the tomatoes I bought were green ones (my favorite!) and I immediately started craving fried green tomatoes.  Years ago on a work trip I went to the restaurant in Alabama where the movie was filmed and LOVED the dish there. Green tomatoes tend to have a tart, crisp taste to them and because they are harder they can stand up to the frying. This is the fried green tomatoes recipe I sort of followed, and will get you a great result.

There are lots of different sauces that will work with the tomatoes, I chose a simple salsa. I paired the tomato dish with a few slices of toasted baguette, brushed with a little olive oil and topped with the chèvre and marinated grape tomatoes (marinade was balsamic with some salt and pepper) and a glass of Sauvignon blanc.  Delish!

Sunday post-gym I was craving pancakes, so I whipped some up with the blackberries I bought on Saturday. I use Arrowhead Mills buttermilk pancake mix, they always come out perfect. You can use milk or water with the mix. I used almond milk since I try to keep my dairy intake to a minimum. I love pancakes and make them fairly often, but I am a terrible pancake flipper! Mine always break. They still taste great, I just wish they were prettier :).

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