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Platinum Gold

May 31, 2012
gold leaf
gold leaf by jlewdc on

As I mention all the time I am a big fan of House Beautiful magazine. The June issue was filled with tips on Quick Fixes that can be used around the house to spruce things up. One of the tips that piqued my interest was to gold leaf a chair or silver leaf a table top. I have a chair in my place that I just couldn’t figure out what to do this so this technique called to me….I started googling and before you know it I was at Michael’s ready to buy some gold leaf. Much to my disappointment they didn’t have any of the leaf  sheets I needed in stock so my project is on hold, but that doesn’t mean I am not going to share some great furniture options and DIY’s I found online with you. Happy gold leafing!

I loved this DIY tutorial from Little Green Notebook. This side table looks amazing!

Such a sweet idea to spruce up a notebook.

I think this wall of gold leaf frames is gorgeous.


Not a DIY girl? I loved these gold leaf side tables from Neiman Marcus.

Woven Gold-Leaf Side Table
Woven Gold-Leaf Side Table
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