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Cold Fire

May 2, 2012

I love my fireplace, mostly because it’s working and makes for a very warm and cozy atmosphere in Winter.  However, some homes (and many urban apartments!) do not feature working fireplaces and it can be considered wasted space, and even an eyesore in some cases.  A friend of mine sent me a great idea for how to leverage an unused fireplace and it spurred the idea for this Post.  Thanks Whit!

This is the pic Whit sent.  According to Better Homes and Gardens to create this cool look measure the opening and build a plywood insert to fit snugly inside. Cut shelves to fit across. Then paint the pieces and wallpaper the back of the insert. Screw the shelves in place and set the insert in the firebox.

Always a classic, cool candles in different sizes create great ambiance.


I also liked this idea for the TV and some art.


Stacking books and other knick-knacks is another cute way to fill an empty fireplace.


I stumbled upon this photo and thought this was a cool way to fill the space as well. You could also use old hat boxes as an alternative to luggage.


I also came across this idea that would also work for a working fireplace in the offseason. In this AMAZING home featured in House Beautiful the owner places a large leafy green plant in front of the hearth. (Check out the whole house– I am smitten with the whole place!)

House Beautiful

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