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Grazing in the Grass

April 12, 2012


Now that Spring is in full swing and being outside is very, very appealing I began to think about picnics. We have lots of parks in DC perfect for picnicking, here is how you might pull one off….

First and most important…the food.

Shouldn’t be too complicated to transport, and has to be yummy. I loved this idea for recipes that can be packed in mason jars, easy storage and transport.

Strawberry and Rhubarb Fool, easy and its the season for fresh strawberries and rhubarb.

Savory Muffins are another great option for picnic food.

And don’t forget the wine…or whatever your drinking….I love this wine caddy that serves as a cooler.

Second, what to pack it up in.

Here is a great simple option from Pottery Barn.

Or this nicely priced tote that includes essentials like plates and utensils.

If you are feeling really ambitions here are some great DIY picnic blanket ideas…one uses vintage table cloths and the other a simple drop cloth.

Lastly, what to wear.

Keep it casual…and striped, of course!



Add some tunes and you’ve got a great outdoor afternoon…happy picnicking!

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