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Comin’ Home

March 8, 2012

My friend LK recently embarked on a major renovation to her pretty home in Northern Virginia.  It was a big job, and contractor issues made for a very long process, but it’s finally getting there and she is able to enjoy the benefits of a gorgeous kitchen and lots of new living space. But as we all know, with new space comes the need to decorate.

LK is an avid knitter and decided she wants to make one of the new bedrooms her “knitting room” for the time being.  I thought I would plot out some potential ways for her to decorate the room that would fit both a room made for hanging out and knitting or a bedroom or guest room.

She mentioned that she may use a couch she already has or may get a Daybed for the room, so I came up with a couple of plans.  For the palette I went to my trusted resource Design Seeds to come up with some color schemes that would match the sand colored walls and white wood work she already has.  I decided to use Summertime Tones and Ceramic Summer as the palettes of choice, since both of those seemed to be in tune with LK’s classic, beachy taste. She is a New England girl and much her style reflects that.

I looked for some rooms online for inspiration and found some inspiring spaces. Here are the sitting rooms I liked.


Google Images


There were a couple of things I was looking for to decorate these rooms. Storage spaces, for the knitting supplies, but also to store other housewares in the meantime, that later could be used as bedroom furniture if need be, and accent pieces that would make the room cozy and functional to hang out in, but not too trendy so they would stand the test of time.

Sitting Room 1
Sitting Room 1 by jlewdc on

Sitting Room 2
Sitting Room 2 by jlewdc on

Hope you like the rooms LK!

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