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March 7, 2012

Via Google Images

Business travel day! Today I am headed to Clarksville, Indiana.  I like to be comfortable when I travel, even if it’s for business.  I am always freezing on planes, so I try to have a comfy scarf on hand, and as much as I love to wear heels, I try to travel in flats put the heels on when I reach my destination.

Here are some travel ensembles, packing tips, and cool gear I have found.

Via Pinterest

I love this idea for using hotel room shower caps to cover shoes. I always try to bag my shoes separately, I often use shoe bags, but this is a great idea as well.

I really like this packing guide. Great way to think about organizing your travel wardrobe.

This bag by Lo & Sons, is amazing! My friend Lesley has it and its so chic and functional- very hard to find both. It’s currently sold out online, but get on the mailing list to get one next time they are in stock!

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