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Down With Downton

February 29, 2012


Have you been watching Downton Abbey on PBS?  I have been hearing about how great it is for months and I finally started checking it out over the long weekend.  Can we say obsessed??  I absolutely love this show!  The characters are amazing and it just makes me happy overall.  Apparently there is some debate around the idea that the show’s opulence is out of place in these dire economic times, but my feeling is bring it on!  I think we could all stand to be reminded of more genteel times…I love the way they speak to each other  and the sarcastic sense of humor is fantastic (I think Granny is my favorite character-she has the BEST lines!).  And of course, the clothes are stunning all the way around.

Anyway I don’t think I would ever say English country would be my decor style, but there are certainly elements of that era that would fit in any room or home.  Check out the set I pulled together and the pretty old England inspired rooms I found.  All images courtesy of House Beautiful.

Downton Abbey Inspired
Downton Abbey Inspired by jlewdc featuring long opera gloves

A modern take on Mrs. Patmore’s kitchen.

I LOVE the ceiling in this room.

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