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Warm Love

January 11, 2012

Martha Stewart

I never knew this before but today is National Hot Toddy Day.  How fun, right?  I learned this lovely gem from one of my favorite online shelter mags Matchbook.  They publish a calendar in each of their issues marking all kinds of cool “holidays.” National Pancake Day is also in January, stay tuned for that one later this month!

As anyone who gets sick during the winter months knows, there is nothing like a Hot Toddy to help you get well sooner. But a “toddy” is always a good idea on a cold day, and when I looked I found there are all different kinds out there, in case you aren’t a big fan of whiskey.

Happy Hot Toddy Day!

Warm Hazelnut Toddy

My Recipes

Gin Toddy


Spiced Apple Toddy

Celebrations at Home

And last but certainly not least, an old-fashioned bourbon hot toddy– or cough syrup for adults.


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