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Oxford Comma

January 6, 2012

Happy Friday! Whew, this week took a while. It’s always the short ones! I am ready for the weekend to continue with the winter purging/cleaning/ organizing in progress and to spend time with friends.  What are your plans? 

I am going to do some “link love” today with some random stuff I liked this week.  See you next week!

Luella June

I keep seeing these embellished collars everywhere! Not sure if I could pull it off…here are some very pretty and very cool options.

I am definitely beginning to feel the winter dull drums/ beach time cravings come on recently. Over the break I decorated a wreath with sea shells from Cape Cod for my best friend Noreen. She loves nautical themed design for her house. It reminded me there are lots of fun options for DIY using shells. Its a nice way to make a permanent memento from a beach vacation as well. Here is a great simple frame project.

Inspired Design Tumblr

My lovely Mom gave my sister and I donut pans for Christmas. I love donuts and plan to experiment this weekend. Obviously they are baked not fried since you make them in a pan, but I became a fan of the baked donut concept when I experiment with some baked donut holes a while back. Here is a recipe if you are so inclined to try them out sometime.

The Glamourai

I recently became addicted to Mad Men.  Confession: I watched all 4 seasons over the break!  It’s just too good.  Anyway, one of my absolute favorite things about the show, other than ogling Jon Hamm, are the female actors clothes!  So amazing. It was truly very different era than how we live (and dress!) today.   Check out these pics from the January issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK to see what I mean.

Have a great weekend!

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