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Christmas Lights

November 28, 2011

Bijou and Boheme

Happy Monday!  It’s going to be a tough one after the holiday weekend. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. I had a very relaxing and fun few days with my family and then I headed back to DC for some more R&R and a jump-start on getting my holiday decorating started. I actually feel ahead of the game at this point- this is not typical. 🙂

While I was home my Mom and I made my Memere’s famous fudge recipe, which is something I always looked forward too when I came home for a visit. My childhood was filled with good times in her kitchen licking the bowl when she finished a batch. We did pretty good and and the recipe is below. It is truly life changing fudge and worth the work! Mem won several blue ribbons for it at county fairs over the years and she always loved for people to try it. Enjoy!

Mem’s Fudge

Butter two square pans (8X8).  In a large heavy saucepan combine:

  • 3 cups white sugar
  • 2 cups light brown sugar
  • Dash of salt
  • 1/2 a stick of butter
  • 1 140z. can of Eagle Brand condensed milk
  • Fill the can almost to the top with whole milk and add that
  • 1 tsp. vanilla

Mix and heat over medium/ high heat until boiling and a candy thermometer reaches soft ball stage.  Approximately 8-10 minutes.  At this point turn heat off and add:

  • 3/4 of a 16 oz. jar of Marshmallow Fluff
  • 1 cup of walnuts

Transfer the pan to a cold bath and continue to stir until in begins to thicken. At this point, transfer half of the mixture into one pan.  Then add 2 packets of pre-melted UNSWEETENED chocolate (Mem always used Nestle). Mix the rest and transfer to the pan.  Now you have vanilla and chocolate batches to enjoy and share!

Tomorrow’s Post will have a holiday theme, I think Tuesday’s this month will be dedicated to holiday content. Have a great week!

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