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Overnight Observation

November 8, 2011

Paris is a great place for style inspiration so needless to say I spent some time observing last week. Parisians just get it right when it comes to effortless style and mixing the old  and the new.  The women look amazing and every place you go into has an air of stylish sophistication.  Here are some of the things I noticed from a design perspective while in Paris.

I mentioned the combination of old verses new.  I saw a lot of lucite and plastic chairs in otherwise ornate and traditional rooms.  Gorgeous paneled rooms with pretty ceilings, were furnished in lucite and modern decor and it looked amazing.  Here are some similar styles….

From Google Images

From Elegant Abode

Loved the lucite chandelier!

From Larkin Street

From Rue Magazine

From Vintage and Chic Blog

From Design Sponge

From 4 Inspired Design

My hotel room had this gorgeous orange hued mural that covered the whole wall behind the headboard. I thought it was a nice way to add an artistic element to a simple hotel room. Here are some pretty rooms that use murals.


From Customized Wall

From Google Images

From The Nate Berkus Show

And of course I also spent a lot of time looking at what they were wearing.  Here is what I saw and will be copying in my own wardrobe!

Plastic or rubber, colorful, and detailed watches were everywhere. I bought one while I was there!

From Aliex Press

Lots of big sweaters and Peter Pan collars.

From Plum Pretty Sugar

From Wrap London

From Gal Meets Glam

Cool boots and booties were everywhere!

From Eat Sleep Wear

From Things-Change Tumblr

I saw these looks on Pinterest this weekend, which I think sums up Parisian style pretty well.



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