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Napoleon Complex

November 3, 2011

I can’t help but to take advantage of the French theme this week!

As I have mentioned before, I love a good bargain and a good DIY and this is definitely something that runs in my family!  I was home a few weeks ago and my sister Katie was there too, she and my Mom went to an estate sale on Cape Cod and Katie found an amazing French Empire couch for $20!  Now, it needs some work- maybe even a lot of work- but I have no doubt that when she is done it will be a beautiful touch to a room in her home someday.

French Empire style furniture makes use of metal decorative motifs, often symbols taken from ancient Egypt, such as winged lions, falcons or sphinx. Also many pieces of French empire style furniture have the letter carved N in them. N,  stands for Napoleon, whose rule over the country inspired much of the French empire style furniture.  French empire style furniture also relies on size to communicate its grand intentions, and in comparison to preceding French furniture styles like Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI involves very little wood carving but relies more heavily on high sheen veneers.

When we started to look for how she could recover the piece we found lots of pretty (and expensive!) couches for sale on eBay, many recovered in pretty red or yellow/ gold fabrics.  Katie hasn’t decide what route she is going to go yet, but as I found when I searched for some ideas, there are lots of options!

From Recamier- Gooseneck

Materials Girl Blog


From Restoration Hardware

From Councill

Here are some pretty french styled rooms from House Beautiful.

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