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Put the Book Back on the Shelf

September 28, 2011

From Elizabeth Hanned Designs- This brickwork is amazing

I LOVE bookshelves.  Built-ins are definitely my favorite, but I still appreciate freestanding bookshelves as well.  I  love the look of floor to ceiling and would love to have a home someday with an actual library in it.  Decorating bookshelves can be a little challenging.  It’s very easy for them to look messy and disorganized.  There are lots of ideas out there on how to arrange bookshelves, but there are also some cool tricks using paint, stencils, wallpaper and art that can turn your bookshelf into a focal point in your home.  Here are some of the bookshelves I like.

I love the red contrast to the dark wall

From I love how the yellow background brightens the room

From This background could be done with stencils, wallpaper, or fabric


This pink detail is very pretty

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