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Leather Rebel

September 15, 2011

One of the hot trends this Fall is leather. I feel like leather is always in style, but this year it’s not just jackets and boots but dresses, tops, jewelry, you name it. After dipping my toe into the trend with a leather cuff this summer, I bought a leather shift a couple of weeks ago (GREAT TJ Maxx find) which I plan to break out as soon as it gets a little cooler. It looks very similar to the one below.

I also love using leather in home decor. There is something so classy and sophisticated about leather furniture and details. The accent table I use as a desk in my apartment has a faux leather finish and it gives what would be a very plain piece of furniture a luxurious textured look.

Here are some leather options to wear or decorate your home with this Fall.

Leather-ette by jlewdc on
To purchase any of these items visit my Polycvore page
Leather Trend
Leather Trend by jlewdc featuring bronze jewelry
To purchase any of these items visit my Polyvore page
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