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By the Fire

October 5, 2014


I have lived in many apartments over the years and almost all of them have had a mantle, and one (my favorite one!) had a working fireplace, which while a lot of work was basically the best thing ever. The challenge to me though in all these places was always decorating the mantle. While they no doubt add a certain level of character and charm, they can also hard to decorate. I find they can easily become cluttered and asymmetrical or look kitschy.

Anyway, I thought I would share some nicely styled mantel’s in case you are looking for some inspiration.


I love the look of leaning frames neutral frames and the sconces and vases on either side anchor this one nicely. Same with the mantel below. I also LOVE the wicker baskets by the hearth. I often see similar at Home Goods, also would be perfect for holding blankets.



This one has a lot of gorgeous ornate detailing, and once again, the mounted sconces give it some symmetry. The other detail is the way the layering details have the same shade of blue which helps tie it all together.


This one is so streamlined and simple, but the matching baskets for the plants and statement mirror make it pack a lot of punch. The apples are a great seasonal twist.



Images 1/2/3/4/5




Fall Inspiration Board

September 26, 2014


Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend? I am doing a charity walk tomorrow morning with my family and then headed to a Greek festival at night which should be a lot of fun. I am back in Boston after summering in the Cape, so I am looking forward to enjoying the city a little. Anyway, since it’s officially fall this week I wanted to share my inspiration board and “bucket” list for the next few months…have a great weekend.

  • Love that it’s sweater and loafers weather- I might need to pop into H&M to check out this one.
  • I want to hit up SOWA market before it closes at the end of the month. I will be looking for the fresh apple cider to mull….
  • The Cape is just as beautiful in the fall, and while there may not be beach days ahead there are some festivals to look forward to like Wellfleet OysterFest and lovely Sandwich has a full fall calendar.
  • I loved the pumpkins above, cute take on traditional carving. I also loved this and this as alternatives to regular pumpkin carving.

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Pillow Talk

September 24, 2014


I am on the hunt for some new throw pillows for my apartment. I had to buy a new couch last year when I moved and there were some size restrictions because of the narrow entryways to my little Boston flat and when I am really honest with myself I know I bought wrong. Since I am stuck with it for the forseeable future I can at least dress it up a bit, right? I hopped over to Etsy to get some ideas on what I might like.

The couch is a greyish/brown color so I am thinking navy and creams as the colors that might work best. Lately I am liking more neutral palette for home. Here are some I liked.





I also loved this Moroccan Wedding Blanket pillow DIY from House of Earnest. And if I had unlimited funds in my life I would buy all my pillows from Rebecca Atwood, a Cape Cod native whose gorgeous designs are inspired by the light and beaches there. If you follow me on Instagram you are well aware of my love of Cape Cod!

Pillows: 1/2/3/4/5


Iron and Diamonds

September 17, 2014


What kind of jewelry do you like to wear? I really love jewelry and have a lot of it. Nothing overly expensive and special, but the fun stuff you find here and there. Years ago I loved big statement necklaces and have a ton in my collection, but more recently I have been drawn to delicate and simple, but still standout pieces that are easy to wear everyday.

I bought a new Cape Cod bracelet this summer and love its classy simplicity (and it’s made to wear without taking it off often!). I also like a fun little “arm party” (I want to copy the one above!) but with very small wrists I can’t get away with larger bracelets. I have also been building a collection of pretty, unique studs, after finally realizing while I love big earrings, I never wear them.

Some brands that carry some gorgeous options I covet include Jennifer Meyer (follow her Insta to see the gorgeous collection daily!), Catbird, Arik Kastan, and of course Etsy has some beautiful pieces. Here is some of the delicate jewelry looks I am loving lately.




And on my ring finger is my most recent ring purchase that I picked up at one of my favorite boutiques in the Cape, I love stacking pretty little bands! (And, yes, I know I need a mani!)


Images: 1/2/3/4

In the Details

September 3, 2014


They say the devil is in the details, and when it comes to decorating I think this rings true. I am a big fan of Erin and her blog, and I have been obsessively watching her home renovation over the last few months. As a fellow Bostonian, I think I related a lot to trying to update homes in this area, and her town is somewhere I think maybe I could end up someday.

Anyway, one of the things I loved was her attention to details throughout, adding little updates that will help with the longevity of the look, create extra storage, etc. There is something so interesting to me about design details and how they play a role in making (or in some cases breaking!) a space. Here are some of my favorite designs from around the internet. Do you obsess over design details?


Loved this pretty breakfast nook, with a built-in bench, pretty wainscoting and a bead board ceiling, gorgeous detailing at its best.


This tiling is just beautiful, herringbone subway tiles gives this shower something extra, add the beautiful brass hardware and you have a shower I am seriously coveting!


Again with the wainscoting but there’s more- hidden storage! Definitely a great example of beauty and practicality.


This beautiful tile color and hardware combination is so pretty, and you can tell some thought was put into the aesthetic here.

Images: 1/2/3/4/5

Lake House Life

August 27, 2014

Photo: Courcy Inspired Design

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to spend the weekend with a dear friend, her Mom and another friend from D.C. I love getting to spend time with my D.C. girls and I truly made lifelong friends while living there. I am so fortunate that we have been able to see each other so much over the last year. But I digress, it was SUCH a relaxing weekend with lots of amazing food, drinks, sleeping, reading and s’mores. I slept on the sleeping porch and had some of the best sleep I had in a while, and I definitely carried those nice feelings into this week.

Today I thought I would focus on lake house style and decor. What I love about my friends camp is that it simple and cozy, with tons of old family pictures, blankets and comfy chairs to lounge in. Here are some elements of beautifully styled lake houses that seem like great places to unplug.


Ahh, the sleeping porch. By far my favorite thing, sleeping outside but not in a tent! I loved these hanging beds, great use of space.


I love the rope railing here, so nautical and likely pretty cost-effective. Maybe not the safest, but hey we are talking style here today, right?


This room (and the one below) are from Tom Filicia’s (of Queer Eye fame) lake house and this room is beautifully decorated and equally as comfy with a big sectional for lounging by the fire.


This room is most like the camp I was at this weekend. I love the indoor/outdoor aspect of being in a covered space with easy access to the outdoors.

Last Days of Summer

August 21, 2014


Confession: I bought my first fall sweater the other day! As much as I hate, hate, hate to see summer end, I can’t deny that fall is my second favorite season. I absolutely love it. And let’s be honest, there comes a certain point in summer when it just doesn’t make any sense to buy summer clothes anymore. Anyway, with a new season comes new outfits. Here’s what I am going to be crushing on this fall: cozy sweaters, skinnies, booties, full skirts, plaid and denim on denim…..what is on your to-buy list this year?





Bunking Up

August 19, 2014


Spending so much time at the beach gets you thinking a lot about cottage life and housing needs that might be a little different from other homes. One thing about a beach cottage typically means visitors, and at times lots of them, which is part of the fun. I am always looking for ways to help improve our beach house, and I have also been thinking about having my own beach cottage one of these days, so naturally I have been drawn to the bunk room concept.

There really is no better use of space in a cottage than to create places to sleep. There is something so much fun about rooms like this, especially if there are little ones around.If you have a rental, often that is one of the most important things vacationers are looking for, as well. So, of course, I got to pinning some inspirational rooms that I would gladly bunk in! Don’t you just love a well designed bunk room?




Images 1/2/3/4

Thoughts about Summer

August 15, 2014


I have been very fortunate this summer to spend most of it working from Cape Cod. Big plus in the WFH corner, for sure! I have had more than my fair share of fresh air, lots of fresh seafood, a garden to enjoy and lots of exercise. It got me thinking about how it really is the little things that can create the most happiness. It’s important to take advantage of this special and (way too short!) time of year- and maybe find ways to recreate it the rest of the year.

Breaking from reality (technology): Don’t get me wrong, I love to Insta with the best of them, but this summer there are many times when I have not been in the position to check my phone or post and there is something really freeing about that. I recently deleted all my games off of my phone. I want to be more comfortable being still and not always having a built-in distraction. But its more than that, I rarely wear makeup, and am most comfy in cutoffs and sandals than heels and a dress.

(Old fashioned) traditions: Family time making s’mores by the fire, late night/early morning runs to beach watching the sun or moon rise, cannonballs off a raft in the middle of a kettle pond, songs from the 60s while we cook and eat. I am lucky to have parents who taught us to enjoy these types of activities and still do them with us and my nephews. They are the moments that don’t need a camera because you remember them so vividly and pictures don’t really do it justice anyway.

Songs of summer: In high-school my friends and I would joke that certain albums that we had on constant repeat where the soundtracks of our lives….so true. There are definitely some songs that will  bring me back to this summer. I made a special playlist to remind me when it’s 40 below in Boston in a few months! Some of the highlights of my soundtrack include:

Hope you are enjoying the little things this summer!

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Happy August!

August 4, 2014


It’s so hard to believe it’s already August! July was a great month, I spent last month on the Cape and loved every minute. Happy hour consists of biking to the beach and I am getting more than my fair share of fresh air, which is great. I head to D.C. for work this week and while I am so excited to visit, I am a little sad to leave this little happy place even for just a week!

Anyway, today’s post is my August inspiration board, hope you are enjoying the summer!

  • My Mom makes a mean clam bake, such a summer staple, and relatively easy to whip up (so she says!).
  • I have been wanting to try these donut ice cream sandwiches, so indulgent, but honestly, two of my favorite sweets together might be too good to pass up!
  • I don’t know that I will take one this summer, but I love the idea of a summertime road trip. This is a great list of options in the U.S.
  • Another thing I am loving about the Cape are all the pretty lighthouses. There are even some you can stay in on the east and west coasts.
  • It’s never a bad idea to accessorize for the season, I know I am going to wish this summer was endless (maybe this case would be a good memento!) and this Bauble Bar knot bracelet is the perfect nautical accessory.